The " SLAMS" or "CHELEMS" in French
are "Adventure and Exploration Tours" organized by sea,
across some of the 7,107 islands of the Philippines.

       These SLAMS have for main purpose to be an eco-tourism travel to help you to discover the extraordinary beauty and the natural preservation of some of the 7,106 known islands of this country; but also, to give you an idea of the style and the kind of life of the local population: their simple warm welcome.

Aside of this, Sea lovers, we will help you to discover a lot of things about our Mother Sea, her many different aspects, the wildlife, the winds, the currents, the changes done by the tides, the navigation basic rules.

These SLAMS may include introductory dives or dives, in regard of the desire of the participants.

The daily navigation time never exceed three to four hours because of the structuration of our itineraries, the speed of our boats, to allow you to enjoy the places we are exploring.

The nights will be alternate in comfortable simple Pension houses, but also under tent - when we will stop at desert islands. You will have too, one or two nights on board, on the deck to be able to observe the stars during some night navigation.

The meals will be taken sometimes in restaurants, but also and almost of the times, shared with the local population of the islands you will visit. Other days you will have to go alternatively early in the morning to the local market with our crew to buy the food they will prepare for you and with you.

That is a good way to know the people of a country and to buy the best "souvenirs".

The food will be almost based on seafood, but also chicken and grilled barbecue piglets. Rice will be omni present: it is the basic food of the Filipino people. Tomatoes, union garlic, mangoes, jackfruits, durians, lemoncitos, bananas, and some other local vegetables will complete these meals.

Lobsters or giant prawns are frequent at the Cuyos Islands and you will probably enjoy this particular place.

Sometimes, we stop the boat when we meet some fishermen and we buy the fresh fishes from them.

Sometimes too, we spend an evening with them and they teach us so many things about their lives.

We generally have one or two guitars on board and we let you imagine how will be your evenings around a fire on the desert beach of an uninhabited island.

We travel like Filipino people travel since hundred years among their islands, but without the need to hurry or stress.

We stay at every new place we discover between a few hours to a few days as long as we enjoy it .

At any time, we are by ourselves allowed to stop the boat to take a refreshing bath into the clearest waters of the world, to stop to catch some fresh fishes with our spare guns, or to fish early in the morning with our trawling lines if we see some big fish around.

At any time we organize games together, we count some storiesÂ…in one word, we spend holidays together for the best of each of us..

Included in the program there are a lot of organized visits: Sugar cane plantation, marine farm, culture pearl farm, fishponds, thermal water sources, rice fields, schools, local fiestas, climbing and some other local curiosity which will be wonders for you. Farniente, photography courses, dolphins observation and whales when they are in good mood to show up..

At PALAWAN we will bring you to the Saint Paul river, an underground winding river of seven kilometers uninhabited by thousands of exceptional unknown birds. You will visit with us the National Park of CALAWIT and spend one whole day with some mountain tribes leaving at PALAWAN like three hundred years ago.

These SLAM Programs we are organizing since more than six years help us to discover, every time, new places to bring you and do not present any risk for anybody.

Children above 5 years old can join their parents and the young and healthy third age discover in this kind of tour they are younger than they believed it before to come with us.

We limit voluntarily the number of participants to EIGHTEEN for the homogeneity and the dynamic of the Groups.

Our boats are allowed to carry more than 25 people, plus the crew, but we like you travel comfortably with enough space to move at any time on the deck.

This kind of holidays revealed (as they said to us) to have been an excellent therapy for some of our clients who came here very stressed by their modern life.

For Groups having more than five kids, we bring along with us a specialized hostess who organize special activities for the kids to help their parents to enjoy fully their holidays.

The Small SLAMS - 14 Days/13 Nights

  • Small SLAMS No 1

DEPARTURE: CEBU to the Camotes Islands, Capitancillo Reef, Bantayan Island,

Negros, Ilo-Ilo Strait, Guimaras island, Cuyos Islands,

ARRIVAL: Puerto Princessa - PALAWAN

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  • Small SLAMS No 2

DEPARTURE: Puerto Princessa, Cuyos Islands, Western and Southern part of

Guimaras island, Western and Southern NEGROS, Apo Island, Siquijor Island,

Cabilao Island, Estern side of Cabu Island, Sumilon Island, Argao,

ARRIVAL : Mactan Island - CEBU

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  • Small SLAMS No 3

DEPARTURE: Mascarascas / Puerto Princessa - PALAWAN

then are concentrated on CORON and BUSUANGA Islands, exploring the East et

West Northern coasts of PALAWAN, El Nido, Malampaya Sound, Port Barton,

Saint Paul river, the wrecks of the ships drawn during the war against Japan, the

Coron lake, Tara island, the Calawit National Park ad so on.

ARRIVAL : Puerto Princessa - PALAWAN

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The Big SLAMS 21 Days

  • Big SLAMS No 1

DEPARTURE: CEBU - Mactan Island

Includes: Small SLAM No 1 and a part of SLAM No 3

ARRIVAL : Mascarascas/Puerto Princessa - PALAWAN

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  • Big SLAMS No 2

DEPARTURE: Puerto Princessa/ Mascarascas PALAWAN

Includes: Small SLAM No 2 and a part of SLAM No 3

ARRIVAL : Mactan Island - CEBU

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  • Read our General Conditions

    To cover our expenses, we need a minimum of 6 Participants for any of these SLAMS Programs.

    PRICE per Participant:
    Small SLAMS No1 or No 2 .................... U.S $: 875

  • Small SLAM No 3 ......................................U.S $: 958
  • Big SLAM No 1 ou No 2 ......................... U.S $: 1,125
  • Special Discount 60% for children under 12 years old coming with their parents
  • Special Conditions for constituted Groups of 12 Participants, and above CONSULT US
  • through e.mail.
  • ALL is included except ... the drinks ... and the souvenirs !

  • The Dives will be charged to you, on the basis of U.S
    . $ 20 Day Dive, and U.S $ 25 Night Dive.
    Inclusive of Dive Master, weight belt, tank.

This year again NO Fix Departure Dates.

We prefer to adapt your Departures to the bookings we will receive.

This is to avoid to have to ask you the traditional Down payment of 50 %, generally requested by many other Travel Agents, two or three months before the Tour, also when they are not yet sure the Tour will have enough Participants to be organized.

Our way gives you, too, an opportunity to reach a Group by completing it at a different date that you were expecting to join us.

We guarantee the Departures, any way, at 9 Participants and this is a good chance for you if you are alone or two only, to join one of these Groups.

After a first E-mail you will have to send to inform us of your interest for a SLAM, we will confirm you the next Departure date and eventually our Bookings position.

If your location is in the same State as other interested participants we will give you their E-mail address and you will can negotiate better your Flight fare because you will, may be, be several to come on the same flight.

Do not send us any money before you are confirmed for a SLAM with all the information we will address you when it will be necessary.

Stay Cool and Relax !