TWELVE DAYS... at sea, and 30 DIVES !


With their "exclusive" TWO OPTIONS

1 - SAFARIS LIVEABOARD (Sleeping on the deck - protected from eventual rainshower - with comfortable individual materesses and blankets, meals on board)
2 - SAFARIS BEACH Resorts with nights and dinners in beach resorts on the islands (other meals on board)

except if you are a group of friends coming together

(In that case, we can accept up to 10 participants maximum.)



We let others to choose to organize Seafaris for groups of 15 to 18 Divers.

We like TOO MUCH quietness and comfort, for ourselves, to offer that kind of Service to you.

We never board on the same boat more than Four to Six Passengers

- also because we know that some of them would prefer, some day, to sleep on the boat, in front of a desert island, or under a tent after a beach evening with the local folks, better than to be confine in the lobby of a small resort, obliged to support the miss advantages of being part of a big group.

The "ambience" of a small group drinking a glass of always help to "relax" during the always to short holidays, particularly when we can have a glass of "Mâcon" ou un "Cheverny", on the deck.

The Dive sites where we are bringing you are among the best on Earth.
You will be able to live very closely from the Nature and you will be able to meet new friend among the folk people we encounter.

Practically every night you will sleep in a nice island resort. Almost of your diners will be prepared in the restaurants of these hotels. But like almost of our clients, you will appreciate the lunches - because... being French, we like as well good food than good dives. No pack lunches on our boat.

JUNIOR, your Dive Guide, is a 10 years friend. With him as well than with us, SAFETY is the first rule, but he will be able to see "things" you would never see without him. Our crew is efficient and discrete.
Our stewardess on board is attentive and always smiling; sometimes they are Two.
One of them is particularly taking care of the children when we have some on board and when their parents are under the sea.


The boat you will discover is exceptional. Better than to describe the boat we are using, take a look at the pictures - hereunder.

Very comfortable, 20 meters length, and eighteen meters width because of its strong outriggers, this boat is loaded with the most recent electronics navigation tools., Réfrigérator-congélator, Bauer Compresseur, Genset

Power 220 Volts & 12 Volts (for reloading for camera, cellphone's batteries.)

This boat is officially allowed to carry up to 25 Passengers.

If you are interested, ask us our Detailed Program - of the kind of stay you wish
Your SEAFARI includes excursions and contact with the local folk population.
Excursions are scheduled at the
LEYTE Island - BOHOL Island - SIQUIJOR Island .
( The Chocolate Hills, Séquoïas forest, Tarsiers "monkeys", Siquijor witches, falls, and so on...)



  • In our geographical area, and according to the season, the winds generally blow from North East (Amihan/ Mousson of N.E ), or from South East (Habagat/ Mousson of S.E ).
  • It usually happens between October and June - even November - which very low pressures located in the Pacific Ocean, or at China Sea, flows of air of surprising directions.
  • Local " winds & unforeseeable are then put to blow for periods varying from two to 5 days.
  • Generally, and to ensure your best comfort, from November at end March we go first to the islands located at the South of Mactan, then at the beginning of April - " period without winds ", until the end of June, we go primarily to the islands located at the North of Mactan.
  • At the beginning of July until the end of October, period effective of the winds of South, we adapt your route according to the force and of the direction of the wind.
  • The islands located in North are: Cuatro, Didjo, Camotes, Calangaman, Malapascua, the reef of Capitancillo, etc...
  • The islands of the South are: Cabilao, Bohol, Balicasag, Siquijor, Apo, Sumilon, etc...
  • If the winds blow particularly extremely, the visibility under water feels some enormously, and it happens that one confines Seafari, either with the Northern part, or with the Southern part.

See chart for the general of our routes.


We are proud to publish, hereunder, our Prices with all the inclusions of these Seafaris to allow you to compare objectively.

  1. Children, under 12 years old, and within the limit of one per couple, are accepted "free of any charges" if they share the room with their parents.
  2. Airport/Hotel/Boat Transfers are included in our rates at your Arrival and at your Departure.
  3. We are offering you up to two Diners and two hotel nights, as well as breakfasts if you arrive two days before your boarding date.
  4. If you encounter any problem with your personal Diving Equipment during the Seafari, we will offer you to use one of ours - without any charges
  5. Aside of all of these, if you are alone we are offering to board with you one of these so pretty Filipinas who will be very happy to spend the time of that Safari, and maybe the rest of her life with you, at a very preferential price
    (You will have to pay only U.S $ 50, per day, if she is not a diver, and U.S $ 75 if she goes diving with you.)

And about the food will you ask us ..?
...and you will be right because food is very important !


  • Breakfast
    Fruits, two eggs, bacon, coffee or tea, French salted butter, Jam, French and Swiss cheeses

  • Lunches
    Shells, Fresh grilled fishes, salads, rice ou potatoes in sauce, fruits... and some local delicacies
    (Cooking is exclusively made with olive oil.)

  • Dinners
    Are generally prepared by the hotels where we spend the night.
    If you choose the formula "Liveaboar", don't worry,youwill nevr eat the same dishes two times.
    (Mineral water, Tea and Coffee are served free of charges during the meals on board)
    Ask the price list from our stewardesses for the prices of the other drinks

You come alone:

You will be charged:

Option 1: Safari Liveaboard ........4,030 U.S. Dollars

Option 2: Safari BEACH resorts....5,170 U.S. Dollars

You are Two to come as a couple, or two friends

You will be charged per participant:

Option 1: Safari Liveaboard ........2,550 U.S. Dollars

Option 2: Safari BEACH resorts....3,100 U.S. Dollars

You are Three to come together

You will be charged per participant:

Option 1: Safari Liveaboard ........1,800 U.S. Dollars

Option 2: Safari BEACH resorts.....2,410 U.S. Dollars

You are Four to come together

You will be charged per participant:

Option 1: Safari Liveaboard ........1,560 U.S. Dollars

Option 2: Safari BEACH resorts.....2,250 U.S. Dollars

You are Group of Five

You will be charged per participant:

Option 1: Safari Liveaboard .........1,400 U.S. Dollars

Option 2: Safari BEACH resorts.....2,100 U.S. Dollars

You are a Group of Six

You will be charged per participant:

Option 1: Safari Liveaboard .........1,350 U.S. Dollars

Option 2: Safari BEACH resorts.....1,750 U.S. Dollars

Some Seafari Moments