You should try diving

It's a sad truth but most people won't ever experience diving. Not necessarily because they are opposed to the idea, but rather because they never make time for it. When you visit the Virgin Islands of the Philippines, it's one activity you shouldn't miss out on. Consider these reasons to go.


Anyone who has been diving, or is a regular diver will try to explain how peaceful it is under the water. It's not easy to describe though; the weightlessness, the quiet, the mesmerizing sights that prove just how insignificant we all are. It's like you leave all of your problems at the surface, and down in the ocean you're just you. A feeling you normally only have during a Cheekybingo game with friends.

See another world

The sea is an important part of the Earth. And yet many people the world over never get to take a closer look at it. It's like you're entering a brand new world, full to the brim with exotic fish, colourful corals and spectacular views you only get to see down there.


When you learn to dive, you're constantly learning new things. Not just in terms of using the equipment etc, but also about the species underwater, and the names of surfaces, plants and other wildlife. You'd be amazed how much you start to recognise, the more times you dive. Even when you dive at different locations.

Self awareness

Scuba diving and snorkelling etc have a way of making you self aware. It's the SCUBA techniques that do it. You have to control your breathing, your stroke and your nerves when you're down there. You have to keep a level head in case anything goes wrong. You learn so much about your own patience.