When they come to Philippines for the first time, almost of the travellers encounter the same problem.
There are so many places to visit (7,106 islands), and they do not know really :

  • Where to go first,
  • How to schedule their flights or their boat trips,
  • Where they will can sleep comfortably,
  • Where they are sure to find the well equipped dive shops,
  • How to organize their journey, and so on...
We wrote these pages to try

And the First advice we would like to give you is:

There is, really nothing to do there, except to change of plane, as fast as you can, when you have to… , because your flight connection can have to be done in the capital of the country (luckily, not always !).
There is nothing to see in MANILA… in regard of the pollution of that town, and the real dangers of that city of twelve millions people, for a tourist.
Be strongly careful, if you have to pass by. . .

PUERTO GALERA, PALAWAN, BUSUANGA, CORON, BORACAY, CEBU, BAGUIO, LEYTE, MINDANAO, ANGELES, have many things to show you… and from abroad, it is not easy to get all the necessary information to well planify your holidays.
We know that, because we had to do it.
The difference, between you and us is:
We had all our time and we did not worry when we had to stay one more week at one place, because the flights were already fully booked for the six next days.
If arriving at the only one available beach resort at Port Barton, Busuanga, Paradise, Siquijor, or Apo reef, you discover…it is fully booked for three days, and you have to ride four hours Jeepney, or three hours bancas to find another place to sleep.
You will feel very mad because you do not have that much time because you do not stay here - generally - more than three weeks.

It is why we have so many ready packages, and aside of our Packages, if you are willing to decide to stay longer in the Philippines, or to have another kind of holidays, we selected, for you , some real nice or exceptional interesting places.
In every of them, you will find: quiet or and comfortable hotels or beach resorts and where you are sure to have a friendly welcome and a good service.
Almost of them are managed by friends of us, and for sure, they will become friends of you.
To reach these places, you will have to travel, from place to place, out of CEBU, but these trips, by boat, by bus, or by plane: are not expensive, and will not take you more than half day, every time, if your journey is well scheduled. Just tell us what are your subjects of interest.

  • Are you more interested in Diving, or in visiting the Tribes.?
  • Do you like to travel from island to island by boat ?
  • Do you prefer stay in the cities and enjoy the company of the friendly Filipinas ?
  • Do you want to stay in high standard hotels?
  • Do you prefer simple and cheap places ?
  • Do you want to be closed from the Nature and stay in isolated places ?
  • Do you prefer visit the volcanoes and the hot springs ?

The time you plan to stay in the Philippines, how many you are, and your budget: and we will suggest you a Program. We can do that for you. It is part of our job. During your trip, absolutely safe, you will can see a lot of interesting things about the Philippines, you could never see, if you were the one to organize all or if you were staying, in one place, only.











BORACAY is a small island measuring more or less 6 miles length and 3 miles width located at 3 miles from the N.W point of PANAY Island. Easily reachable by regular planes from MANILA and CEBU to the KALIBO Airport. Two hours jeepney or air-con bus will drive you to CATICLAN where many outrigger boats can drop you at BORACAY (30 minutes transportation). Small private planes can also land at CATICLAN or at BORACAY Island. These planes can carry between two to five passengers. BORACAY is one of the places where you can meet many foreigners tourists, and which has been invaded by the numerous beach resorts since the eighties, because of the exceptional white coral sand beach, very well protected six months of the year, from the N.E monsoon.






At BORACAY, you can find a room-cottage from U.S $ 15, a night, if you are a back bag traveler.

LENA Bungalows - MARIO Rest-house - MABUHAY Pension

An air-con room build with luxuous material (Filipino teak and glass) in a tropical garden will cost you around U.S $ 120, for a place located, right in the center of the beach. NIGI NIGI NU NOOS Beach Resort.

If you prefer, you will can select a beach resort with many activities and generally booked by the charters coming from Germany, Holland. You will feel like in Playa Los Americas at the Canaria islands or in the Caribbean. The price will be around U.S $ 80 , and the comfort will be perfect. If you are curious of Japanese culture you will probably like to stay in a Special Beach resort where only Japanese and some wonderful Filipina share their time. The decoration itself will transport you to the country of the Sunshine. One night in that kind of resort, will cost you, between one and two hundred American dollars… but you will be able to order sushis and sashimis at any time.

Our selection in BORACAY, if you wish, really to go there, is limited to three Beach resorts… curiously owned by three French nationals.

RED COCONUT - located on the main beach: Individual bungalows with air-con or electric fans, a quiet and cosy place with a very good restaurant, where you will probably eat the best prawns with curry sauce of your life. Warm welcome, and very good service. PRICES: Between U.S $ 65 to 80 for your room, available for two.(U.S $ 80 is for aircon room)
Meals, will generally cost around U.S 12 without French wine…of course!


CHEZ VAN DE PARIS - Excellent restaurant with a few number of rooms. In that place, after talking a few minutes with the owner who is residing at BORACAY since, almost ten years, and who will probably offer you a welcome Pastis, you will know all about BORACAY; and if his room are fully booked, he will be glad to help you to find another place with correct prices. You can trust him, he is very honest and follow his advice, to do not have any trouble at the island.

LA RESERVE - Located, just beside RED COCONUT, LA RESERVE is own by a French man born in BORDEAUX and fixed at BORACAY since 1990.

In that place, too, you are sure to receive a warm welcome and to eat a succulent food. He is , probably, the only one, in the Philippines to import all the necessary ingredients, you can not find anywhere, in this country. Magret de canard, confit d’oie, jambon de Bayonne … and the best French wines in the Philippines. One room will cost you, with air-con, around U.S $ 75 and a wonderful dinner for two, around U.S 120, including a bottle of very good Bordeaux wine. The best, for you, is to visit the three places during your stay at BORACAY Island.


This really wonderful white sand beach, with the coconut threes along the sea. The easy access for swimming, without the need to walk among the stones and the dead coral at low tide. The traditional pirogues with outrigger, which are available to hire, without boatman, if you are a good sailor. The bureau of Information of the Department of Tourism, located at the middle of the beach, and the friendly people working there, and always ready to answer any of your questions. The interesting walks to do inside the island, in the morning, when it is not yet to hot. The opposite cost, facing the wind. The two public Disco where it is easy to meet people coming from all around the world… and dreaming about the CRUSOE’s island.


The permanent feeling to be in a bad copy of the SAINT TROPEZ beaches. With the same people. Coming from 15.000 kilometers, we where looking for something else.
The complete impossibility to have friendly relationship with the local people.
In that island you are only a "foreigner-tourist-plenty of money".
The drug dealers approaching you on the beach, at night time, to try to sell you shabu and marijuana.
No real good site for diving.
The complete impossibility to go shopping half day…when it is raining, or after getting your first sunburns.
It is difficult to go and to come back fast…sometimes it is necessary to sleep one night at KALIBO, before to get a plane.


3 Days / 2 Nights

Price: U.S. $ 249 for 1 Person
U.S. $ 429 for 2 Persons

Inclusive of 2 Hotel Nights, 2 Breakfasts, Airfare, Transfers Kalibo Airport/Boracay  -  Back &Forth
Our Rates are submitted to 11,5 % Taxes, and do not include Airport taxes.

DESCRIPTION                                         Day 1

5:05 - Check-in time at the Mactan International Airport.
6:05 - Departure from Cebu to Kalibo.
7:50 - Arrival at Kalibo Airport, right after the arrival, you will board on the Caticlan Aircon Minibus. Somebody is waiting for you.
9:00 - Arrival at Caticlan, transfer by banca, to Boracay and check-in at your hotel: Red Coconut Restaurant & Cottages, or Palomar Beach Club. Rest of the day is free. NIGHT at the Beach resort.

Day 2

Second Night at the Beach resort

Day 3

5:00 - You will take your breakfast, then check-out from your hotel.
6:00 - Transfer to Kalibo Airport.
7:30 - Departure of your Flight to Cebu

4 Days / 3 Nights

Price: U.S $ 299 for 1 Person
U.S $ 439
for 2 Persons

Inclusive of 2 Nights Hotel, 2 Breakfasts, Airfare, Transfers Kalibo Airport/Boracay - Back & Forth
Our Rates are submitted to 11,5 % Taxes, and do not include Airport taxes.

DESCRIPTION                                          Day 1

5:05 - Check-in time at the Mactan International Airport.
6:05 - Departure flight from Cebu to Kalibo.
7:50 - Arrival at Kalibo Airport, right after the arrival, you will board on the Caticlan Aircon Minibus. Somebody is waiting for you.
9:00 - Arrival Caticlan, Transfer by Banca to Boracay and check-in at Red Coconut Restaurant & Cottages or Palomar Beach Club. Rest of the day is free. NIGHT at the Beach resort.

Day 2

7:00 - After taking your breakfast you will definitely enjoy with the fascinating beauty of the island, and have a remarkable experience with stretch relaxation at the natural white sand beach that reach up to 4 kilometers. Go swimming, snorkeling, . . .etc. NIGHT at the Beach Resort. 

Day 3

Day free.
17:00 - Transfer to Kalibo, then upon your arrival check-in at Beach Comber Hotel.

Day 4

5:00 - Your breakfast, then check-out from your hotel.
6:00 - Transfer to Airport for your flight back to Cebu.


The cost is the same because the airfare from MANILA or from CEBU is the same.
The only difference is that from Manila you will land directly at CATICLAN and will not have to travel from KALIBO to CATICLAN by car.

Just   to visit another interesting places 


Located in the IFUGAO’s Province - North part of LUZON and at around 250 miles of MANILA. BANAUE is a country of mountains, of rivers, and of the rice fields terraces.
But it is also the country of an extraordinary people.
The local mythology says that the IFUGAO race is the result of an union between a Sky Lord named KABUNYAN and a very beautiful young girl from these mountains.
Nowhere else, you will can see the huge labor of the IGOROTS.
Since two thousands years, day after day, they build the rice field terraces, probably with the China Wall, and the Egyptian Pyramids, one of the biggest human work in the world.
The green color is queen here, all kind of green.
At each one of the numerous curves, on the way to the top of the mountains, you will discover, every time, a new scenery, more fantastic than the preceding one.

FANTASTIC is not a too strong word.

It is necessary to see BANAUE to believe BANAUE CAN EXIST.
Forget the pictures, and the documentaries you may have seen…
There it is different.

The best season is between March and June.
When it is harvest time !


The native people organize simple but traditional fiestas, where you will really, be welcome.
This people is poor, they never owned anything, and they know it.
A typhoon can destroy, in one hour, the labor of hundred years.
They know that too.
It probably why, all around the country, they are called the PROUD race.
They never have been colonized by the Spanish, and the Japanese could not dominate them.

This people respect everybody, and all the differences.
They respect the silence, their traditions and their rites.

For sure, they do not own anything… but they are the RICHEST.
Farmers or warriors, they had the cleverness to protect their entity, all along the centuries.

BAGUIO can be the obligatory way to reach BANAUE, if you go by plane from MANILA or from CEBU.

BAGUIO is a small provincial town, born by the will of some rich Filipino families from Manila, to have a cool place to go during Summer time.
It is still possible to see some of the wonderful villas, with their beautiful gardens, but almost of them are no more like before the terrible 1992 earthquake.


If you decide to go by plane.
You will have to charter a small plane and need to afford its price to be a group composed of a minimum of 6 persons. (4, if you are rich)
Philippines Airlines, since May 1999, and because of its financial difficulties decided to don't keep Baguio as a regular destination for its domestic flights
From BAGUIO to BANAUE, there are two daily buses - DANGWA Buses Company. It will take you between SEVEN to NINE HOURS, depending of the season. to reach BANAUE

You can also decide to go directly to BANAUE from MANILA, by bus.
The same company DANGWA has daily trips. It takes around 9 to 10 hours.

Other solution, and for me the best :
This will allow you to travel comfortably and you will be allowed to stop at any time to take pictures or to visit, a little more this part of the Philippines.

The ideal duration of your journey NO JOKE, it is really a journey and not an ordinary excursion and must be planed for a minimum of FIVE DAYS for a single man, or a couple, and of FOUR DAYS for a family with kids.

Some excursion in the mountains, at the departure of Banaue are really to tiring and it is better to don't doing it for family with kids.


The best hotel of BANAUE is without any doubt is the BANAUE HOTEL
- The price of one room available for two is of around: U.S $ 80 , for two people, and inclusive of your breakfast.
Other choice, the VIEW INN, if you like the style of the "INN" formula : U.S $ 55 , including too of your breakfast.
We find it a little bit expensive for a "motel"

OUR PACKAGE TO BANAUE - At the departure from Cebu.

Complete Tour 5 DAYS/ 4 NIGHTS

U.S. $ 675 for 1 Person
U.S. $ 1.110
for 2 Persons

Inclusive of:

Airfare CEBU-MANILA-CEBU - Hôtel/Airport transfers,
Air-con car with driver/guide, back and forth, Manila/Banaue/Manila.
Three hotel nights at the BANAUE HOTEL.
Two guided excursions at the departure from Banaue.



Same Package as the one with departure from Cebu, but a lot cheaper because you don't need to fly from Cebu ...and to Cebu.

will cost you, only:

U.S. $ 475 for One Persons
U.S. $ 880 for Two Persons


Just   to visit another interesting places 



PALAWAN has two other names, aside, of PALAWAN.

One is “THE LAST FRONTIER”, the other one is “THE BIRDS' PARADISE”.

PALAWAN is still a virgin island.
Many people believe that PALAWAN is a single island. In fact PALAWAN the main island is a long island of around 320 miles, with a maximum width of 35 miles, between Pangdanan Point and Esferzo Point, in front of Dumaran Island.
Some places of this island have only two to five miles distance between the West coast - CHINA Sea, and the East coast - SULU Sea.
The Northern part of PALAWAN island, is bordered by the Culion Islands and the Busuanga Archipelago: the Southern part, is limited by the Bugsuk and Balabak Islands, then the MALAYSIAN territory.

Traveling by sea, along the coasts of PALAWAN, is perfectly safe in the North part, up to Quezon on the China Sea and up to Salonon on the East coast - Sulu sea.
Going more South can be dangerous, because of the pirates' territories.

PALAWAN is not yet a tourism developed place, and the places to stay, equipped with hotels or beach resorts, for foreigners, are still exceptional.
Unless you know how to travel with a back bag , are able to take a shower with the water from the rivers, and eat like the local people… It would be better for you to stay at Puerto Princessa, or to go directly to El Nido by a direct plane from MANILA.
Reaching El Nido from Puerto Princessa will take you some 16 hours of uncomfortable jeepney, and during your trip, you will have to eat some kilos of dust.
During the raining season, - August to January - forget completely to try that trip….
Sometimes, the road, which is not cemented disappear with a part of the mountain, into one of the many ravines bordering the road, and because of the heaviest of the rain. But, if you are adventurous enough, to go and see some of the exceptional things of our world, and which will no more be existing within a few years from now !
You have to Go to PALAWAN. 

At PALAWAN you will feel like entering in another universe.
Tribes, white sandy beaches, delicious fishes, caves and underground rivers, crocodiles, forests, rivers, monkeys and birds: justify of the presence of the first inhabitants in all Asia.

The Tabon Caves, dubbed as “the Cradle of Philippines Civilization”, is the oldest known habitation site in the Southeast Asia.
The fossilized skull cap retrieved there, belong from a PALAWAN inhabitant of some 22,000 years ago.
It is, in my opinion, with the Bijagos Archipelago (in front of GUINEA BISSAU, N.W of Africa) one of the most surprising place in the entire world.

We have, ready, a Special Cruise around PALAWAN, in our files.
Twelve days, with a departure from Puerto Princessa, the visit of the most interesting places, and back to Puerto Princessa….


Flying from MANILA or CEBU, to Puerto PRINCESSA is not a problem. Its take one hour from MANILA and there a daily flight - PHILIPPINES AIRLINES.
From CEBU, its take a little longer, because the plane has a stopover at ILO-ILO on the PANAY Island.
There are others planes - private - but not expensive so much which can drop you directly at El Nido, at BUSUANGA or at CORON.

It is better to pass trough a Travel Agent to be sure to have your seat on the way back !!!
Often the planes are fully booked, many days ahead of the departure from Puerto PRINCESSA.


We do not send you in adventure trip where you risk to encounter problems, particularly, if you are alone:
we will give you a place where you have to go in Puerto Princessa, and where you will meet Martin, a Swiss fellow, married with a Filipina, and living in Palawan since, at least fourteen years.
Do not expect to arrive in a 5 stars Hotel.
But you will really arrive in a 5 stars " Welcoming Place " ,
and Martin will tell you where to go and how to get where you have to go, in Palawan.
Do not forget to have a stay in his beach resort at Port Barton… it is a paradise to stay a few days:
wonderful beaches, a lot of small islands to visit, and a real good departure place to go diving with the boat of Martin…a monster with some 350 hp. engine which can affront any kind of sea.
In PALAWAN, you will not meet people, if you follow the Martin's instructions:
You will meet friends, members of a chain, we are proud to be a part.


When you will arrive at the Puerto Princessa Airport: Just hire a tricycle and tell him: “ International Guest House”


That will be the surprise. It is a family house where he has seven rooms, a living room and a kitchen. When you arrive there, you feel you arrive in your own house. You will watch T.V (cable) of course, with his two kids… you will believe they are your own kids. You will help to prepare your breakfast and to clean the table after eating your meals. If, when you arrive, unluckily, the place is fully booked, Martin, his wife, or the employees will guide you to another safe place, where to stay. Is it not fine…a place like this one ? The finest, for sure.

OUR PACKAGE TOUR from Cebu to Puerto Princessa & TIGMAN - PALAWAN



PRICE U.S $ 395 per Person
DEPARTURE :Every THURSDAY at 4.55 A. M - Minimum of 2 Persons


  • Round-trip Airfare Philippine Airlines and transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airport)
  • Three Nights accommodation at Asia World Resort Hotel- Puerto Princessa or Princessa Holiday
  • Resort - TIGMAN - ABORLAN - 70 kms. South from Puerto Princessa
  • Daily American breakfast

Just   to visit another interesting places 


We can not list, here, all the places we are in love in the Philippines. It would take too long… We are here since seven years now… and you can not expect to discover all what we know about this Paradise, if you stay only for a few weeks. Before to come, you have to decide if you wish

  • to visit and to stay a very short time in a lot of places,

  • to stay longer in a few wonderful places,

  • to stay in one really exceptional place.

Do not be lazy, and send us an E. mail - We will make two or three suggestions and you will be the one to decide.
O.K ?

Our Safaris and our Packages are open to Divers and non Divers and are done to show you, the natural life in the Philippines. It is probably the best way to go out of the too much frequented places. But of course, and it is part of our job, we can also organize 5 stars standard holidays. Having “contracted rates” with almost of the Hotels and Beach resorts, we can offer you the best conditions. Incentive Groups are requesting different kind of stays than groups of friends, curious of a smell of Adventure, they have less time too.

We love CAMINGUIN Island, SIQUIJOR Island, BANTAYAN Island, CABILAO Island, the CUYO Islands, DIDJO Island, the KAWASAN Falls, the desert white sand bank in the middle of the sea and which is, only, at one hour, by boat, from CEBU City.

You will have to come several times to the Philippines, and never, you will find your stay long enough. . . That is the best sign of the place where you have to go… may be soon !



Any Filipino citizen, talking about the WARAY are saying: “ WARAY are very braves”. Here is the last place of the Philippines, where the “Communist Rebels” kept the guns in hand. Don’t worry, it is perfectly quiet, now. But I remember, in 1990, many villages of that island where looking alike a fortified camp and during my first trip, I was feeling to be in Vietnam, in 1974, more than being in the Philippines.

In fact, the WARAY have this reputation of bravery since the XVI th century. Never really colonized by the Spanish, they are, probably at the origin of the birth of the Philippine Nation.

MAGELLAN, arrived in Leyte first, before to come to Cebu. It was in 1521 and he was trying to have a base at the small island of LIMASAWA, facing Leyte. He could have the first Christian Spanish mass in the Philippines…but he had to move very fast because the Rajah KOLAMBU quick him out and destroyed almost of his army. During the three following centuries, the two religions: Roman Catholics, leaded by the Jesuits & Animists leaded by their Grand Priests and their local chiefs where permanently fighting. In 1622, the people living at LIMASAWA island, leaded by their chief BANCAO and the Grand Priest PAGALI organized a strong revolt and a landing at LEYTE island. In 1649, the Leytanos landed again at Leyte, then at Samar and burned the church and the convent of BACOR. The Spanish, officially separate Leyte from Samar and declared the provinces as military Provinces. Nothing changed and the revolts succeeded until the end of the presence of Spain in the Philippines.

In 1768, the General Vicente LUKBAN taken the control of the two Provinces of Leyte and Samar in the name of the Revolutionary United Government of the Philippines. You understand easily, it was not a surprise if the General MAC ARTHUR decided to land at Leyte, to quick out the Japanese from the Philippines.



Leyte is very green and has an healthful climate because of the regular falling rains all along the year. The landscape is always different, with dead volcanoes, large valleys, numerous rivers. The plains are fertile and produce: hemp, copra, corn, rice, tobacco, bananas, pineapples, papayas. The highest peak , Mount KANKAHANAY, reach 4,000 feet, and the mountains are covered with thousands hectares of forests which are still virgin. A paradise for hunters.

The tourist, curious and in love with the nature will enjoy the visit of the MAHAGRAO National Park, the thermal sources, the multicolored rocks and mud, the lakes, the untouched forests, the giant ferns, the incredible variety of orchids and the lagoon inhabited by so many colorful carps.

The most courageous will certainly not hesitate to have an half day walk to reach the top of the BILIRAN volcano, near CAIBIRAN, on the BILIRAN Island. Arriving at this top, they will feel of wonder by the exceptional scenery of the whole island and its shining waters. The BILIRAN and HIGATAGAN islands have mountain huts with tables and chairs where it is possible to have a picnic. Regular traditional motor boats, with outriggers, organize regular transportation from, and to, the main island. The coral white sandy beaches are shining under the sun, and you will can get many exceptional shells. About these shells, Do you know the shell making the necklaces ,which are given to you by the Tahitian people when you are leaving their islands are coming from the Philippines ?


Without any hesitation… There is one place where you have to pass by… if ever you think it is possible to fall in love with an hotel. The paradise of the LEYTE PARK Hotel, built by Imelda MARCOS, when she was the first Lady of the Philippines, to welcome her visitors, and friends, at her island of birth, is a place where all is done to bring you happiness and relaxation. Taken by the Government, after Imelda followed her husband for a long exile: this hotel should disappear, because of the poor maintenance done by the Philippine Tourism Authority. But, very recently a Filipino citizen, from Chinese origin, Mr. CHAN, lover of beautiful things and of the protected environment rented it for 25 years. Luckily, he engaged Pierre DINARD, a French hotel Manager who decided to abandon TAHITI to take over the restoration of this exceptional place.

Located at TACLOBAN, capital of LEYTE, at a few minutes from the airport, facing the half-closed SAN PEDRO Bay, the LEYTE PARK Hotel offer rooms joining the tropical charms allied to the comfort of the best hotels in the world. The offered rates are cheap, comparing to the same kind of hotel in other places in the Philippines. Many tourists, now, instead of staying in Mactan - where is located the second International airport of the country, spend, just one night or two in CEBU, and go to TACLOBAN which is at only 35 minutes by plane. If I had the information that, at less than 12 nautical miles, on the other side of the SAN PEDRO Bay, are some idyllic and unspoiled islands. . . for sure you will select one of our Packages for LEYTE . . . and you will make the right choice. Incredible, but real, the financier of the LEYTE PARK Hotel bought, a few month ago, the trifling area of 200 hectares at MARAMUT, where the islands are so beautiful to protect the place for you.


3 Days / 2 Nights

PRICE: for One Person U.S $ 305
All is included, except Drinks and Airport taxes - Minimum of 2 Persons


Welcome drink at your Arrival at the LEYTE Park Hotel CEBU-TACLOBAN by plane - Return to CEBU by Supercat - all transfers Airport & ORMOC

  • Full board accommodation, at the Leyte Park Hotel
  • City Tour
  • Day Excursion with lunch at the SOHOTON Caves
  • Cruise with lunch to the San Juanico Strait.


Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 6.40 A.M.



Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

Supplementary Day and Night, at the Leyte Park Hotel U.S. $ : 115 per Person (Minimum of 2 Persons requested)

3 Days / 2 Nights

PRICE: for One Person U.S $ 245
All is included, except the drinks - Minimum of 2 Persons


  • Welcome Drink at your Arrival at the LEYTE Park Hotel

  • CEBU-ORMOC-CEBU by Supercat

  • Full board accommodation, at the Leyte Park Hotel

  • DAY Excursion with lunch to the San Juanico Strait

  • DAY Excursion to the SOHOTON Caves

  • DEPARTURE from CEBU: Every day at 6.00 A.M.

  • Back to CEBU: Every day at 18.30

  • Supplementary Day and Night, at the Leyte Park Hotel U.S $: 115 per Person minimum of 2 Persons requested)

Just   to visit another interesting places 


To make your Booking Reservation:


It is not necessary to bring too many luggage to the Philippines. . . really ! ALL IS CHEAPER HERE

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