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How to come to the Philippines - How much does it cost?

The people of the Philippines and the foreigners.....

The girls of the Philippines.....

To come to the Philippines is very easy, and this, from anywhere in the entire world.
Take a look at our SITE CONTENTS and you will find a good flight to reach easily MANILA or, better, directly CEBU.

There is nothing to see in MANILA for a tourist and it is better for you to have a STOP at HONG KONG or SINGAPORE than to pass by MANILA.
At least on the way to come or on the way back, it will can be very good to do some shopping in any of these towns.
Gold, jewels, cameras, and a lot of things are offered to you in these two shopping paradise cities.

As a tourist, you do not need any visa to enter in the Philippines. You may stay TWENTY ONE DAYS. If you like to stay longer, it is easy to extend your stay by ONE or TWO MONTHS periods time, and this until ONE YEAR stay. After one year, you have to go abroad, and you are entitled to come back for a new period of TWENTY ONE DAYS … then, one or two months periods, until ONE YEAR again. To do the necessary formalities you have to get in touch with the Bureau of Immigration & Deportation in MANILA or in CEBU. Our staff can assist you if necessary.


No vaccines are requested to enter in the country. If you plan to go to PALAWAN, it is better to bring some tablets against Malaria - and do not forget to start a few days before your arrival and to continue a few days after your departure. Several cases of Malaria have been noticed in the Southern part of that island. Do not forget good sunglasses - if possible, protected on their sides and some drops to put into your eyes. Bring also a very good solar ointment. Total screen is the best. We are only at 10 degrees from the Equator line , and the sun is very strong here. A good mosquito cream for the evenings if you plan to wear short pants after the sunset, and some tablets of Ercefuryl or Immodium will complete your necessary pharmacy if your stomach or your intestines are fragile. In the country, drink only mineral water - three liters a day is not too much. Never drink the water which is sold everywhere, in plastic bags. The local population is probably protected, but you are not. There are good doctors and good hospitals practically everywhere in the Philippines.


Personally, I live in this wonderful country since almost TEN YEARS, and I do not remember I had to wear a sweat-shirt any evening, also at sea.

The temperature is permanently above 27 degrees Celsius ( between 27 & 45) and a blue jeans is difficult to support a whole day. There is practically no rain from the middle of January up to the end of July. The raining times are mainly in August, November and December. But nothing compared to the other tropical countries in the world - Generally in the Philippines…except in Manila and the Northern provinces, it is raining one hour and the sun reappear. If you can be ready to follow a friendly advice…come with nothing. The first day of your arrival, you will have enough time to go shopping in a department store, and you will find here and for very cheap prices, all your needs for the time you will spend with us. Pants, tee-shirts, shirts cost around 50% of the prices abroad. A very comfortable bag to carry all and …surprise of your friends when you will be back to your country…you will be ahead of one season for the fashion. Many designers come to the Philippines and order the teal for their collections TWO YEARS before.

First consult two or three travel agents or several Airlines companies.

You will be surprised of the difference of the prices they will offer you. Based in the Philippines, we cannot offer you airplane tickets yet. We take care of you upon your arrival at the CEBU MACTAN International Airport, and up to your departure at the end of your stay. All our packages are precisely quoted and with us you can't have bad surprises. All is included except some of your drinks and the airport taxes.

Take a look at "our packages " and you will can see all is detailed. No need to have a previous budget for …… A lot of things which often cost more than the basic expenses for holidays. What we like is to satisfy you more than what you were expecting. It is on what we are basing our reputation.

It is always a surprise for the foreigner who arrive in this country.

The Filipino people is curious to know about you.

Where are you coming from ?

What is your occupation ?

Are you married ?

How many kids do you have ?

Asking questions is their way to show you their interest.
A few of them only, are interested in your money and generally you will meet them in the big cities.

Remember always, the Philippines is a roman Catholic country which has been occupied more than 350 years by the Spanish and then fifty years by the U.S.A.

This part of Asia is completely different of all the other countries of this part of the world. No racism at all. Many families have a relative working abroad, many families have a relative married to a foreigner too, and Filipinos are proud of this. You will never encounter any jealousy from a father, brother or cousin, if single, you are interested in meeting a girl of the Philippines.



"The most feminine women of Asia " is the current definition of the
Filipino girls said by all the countries of this part of the world.

One of the biggest surprise for the visitor is the permanent smile of the Filipino women. It is the most friendly smile you can find, all around the world.  It looks like the girls of the Philippines born with a smile. Anywhere you meet them, also when they are working hardly, they look at you and they offer you this extraordinary smile.

Believe me it is really a wonderful permanent gift you will remember forever.

The girls of the Philippines are generally slim and have a very nice look. With a better education than the Thaï girls, they speak fluently English. They are Christian and since they go to elementary school, they are trained to compete in a lot of contests to become a Miss. They learn how to sing, how to dance.

Many of them have a friend who married a foreigner, and since they are seventeen years old, they write to a lot of Pen-pal to communicate, but also secretly, hopping to meet a nice man to build their life with. They like mature men, above forty, and if possible Caucasian type. They like the people with a long nose, probably influenced by the heritage of the Spanish culture. They want immediately have a child to concretize the family and they will follow their husband anywhere in the world he will decide to reside. Just remember, their roots are in the Philippines, and they will need time to time to come back to visit their parents and relatives. They are satisfied with a simple and natural life loving their husband and their children for ever.