We are taking care of our clients coming to the Philippines as soon as their Arrival at the Ninoy Aquino Airport, in Manila or at the Cebu/Mactan International Airport, in Cebu and until their

Departure from the Philippines, or up to the end of the Program they have registered for, with us. (Packages, Dive cruises, Discovery tours, Dive Safaris, Outdoor Adventure tours, Circuits).

Our Prices are inclusive of the complete activities which are mentionned into our descriptives.

Accomodation in rooms or cabins available for two people, generally three meals a day, the taxes, and the transfers.
Never, these prices are including airfare from the country of origin of our clients, as weel as the Airport taxes, the tips, the drinks (except mineral water or juices on board), and the "souvenirs". Please, read attentively the details of the Program you are interested in, to compare what can be compared, and to planify your budget without any risk of "bad surprise".



In the Philippines, for Day tours, by sea or by land and the daily organized Dive tours,
We pray our clients to register with us, at least 24 to 48 hours ahead of their scheduled trip.This is to allow us the necessary time to organize and to inform the different correspondents, restaurants, hotels and resorts who will help us to make you enjoying your day.


Les The REGISTRATIONS from clients incoming to the Philippines from foreign countries must be BOOKED, at least ONE MONTH before their Arrival date.

These BOOKINGS are free of any charges and then, do not need any down payment.


The FINAL CONFIRMATION OF BOOKING for a STAY, an ORGANIZED TOUR, a DIVE , or a SLAM must be done to us, at least TWO WEEKS before the Arrival Date of the clients in the country and must be accompanied of a 50 (FIFTY PER CENT) DOWN PAYMENT to be fermely accepted by our Company.


READ attentively and FILL UP this form by clicking here under.


The balance payment will be asked from our clients after their installation at the hotel or after the boarding for the Cruise or the Safari.

Some exceptions at this procedure can be done, particularly in case of constitued groups, for late registration, for clients being already on our waiting list, or for clients coming to complete a group.


Children above five years old, and under twelve, sleeping in the same room as their parents, and in the limit of two kids for a couple will be charged only of one third (33,33%) of our published prices. - Except for the Cruises and the Dive cruises for wich we can't accept them.
But we remind you that the children reaching 12 years before the end of the year are accepted, but will have to pay the full amount for our



SYSTEMATICALLY, and within the 24 hours of the reception by our company of any


and with or without DOWN PAYMENT addresse to us, we return to the sender, client, or Agent, an E-mail or a FAX to
the references of the folder we are opening for them. .

It is very important , if you send us any down payment, you don't forget to ask from your bank to send us, through E.mail or Fax, a confirmation of the done payment.
This is a part of the regular service which has to be done by any bank, but you know...sometimes...they pretend to be very busy !

An eventual last change in our itineraries or in the schedule of these itineraries, in our Cruises, Packages, Organized tours, Outdoor Adventure tours is always possible, particularly when they are inclusive of sea transportation, in case of an immediate and unprevisible change in the weather conditions.
You have to know that your safety is our FIRST PRIORITY, and we have FOR EVERY OF OUR PROGRAMS, at least, one or two other alternatives to be sure to give you the enjoyment you are expecting by entrusting us.
But some of the activities we are offering are inclusive of a certain "SMELL OF ADVENTURE ", and we are asking to our clients to be conscious of the fact we can't be responsible for some delays caused by:

real exceptional bad weather conditions, technical or mechanical incidents, or for accidents caused by the carelessness of our clients.

For the SAFETY of our clients, in accordance with these General Gonditions, and in any circumstances, our company will can be contraint to any reimbursement to any client for a started Program which would not be achieved for "force majeure" reason.
By registering with us, and for any of our Programs, any person or group is automatically recognizing having been informed of the present Général Conditions , and having accepted them.
Any complaint, judiciary action, or demand of damages caused by any problem created consecutively to the subscription of any of our services, and which would not could be settled amicably, will have to be submitted to the exclusive juridiction of theTrial Court of Lapu-Lapu City.

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