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After an adventurous professional life - as a top executive, in marketing, tourism, advertising, creativity...
I decided to leave France, in 1983, then I sailed around the world on board of my single handled, 42 footer cutter, during six years.

I was in need to find myself, by fighting my own devils, because I discovered, one day, that business and money is not all in a life.
The too polite and organized society of the developed countries was not any more my “cup of tea”.

At that time, of course, I never had in mind, to work again.

When I arrived in the Philippines, in January 1990, I felt in love with this country, then I felt in love with a woman who became my wife.

She was many years younger than I, ( why not ?) and we had after a few months a wonderful daughter.
We called her “Oceane”, because the sea was our universe, and because of our Love for both.


Keeping all our happiness for ourselves only became impossible. We like to share!

We decided then, to become Guide for the people, who as we do, like travelling, love the sea - above and under, and need really to relax during their holidays.

We decided first to organize some adventure and diving trips across the Philippine Islands with our first boat:"MitMitOC", a sixty footer trimaran; I built here, to give a better service to our clients we had to become Travel Agent, and at the same time, Sea Tour Operator, and Dive operator.

We want to keep our soul, and we know how to do it...Not growing to much or too fast.
Our main dart is to make new friends, by enjoying them, when they entrust us, to organize their holidays.
It is why our prices are absolutely in adequation with what our "Guests" are asking from us. and in regard of the quality of the Services we are giving.

Our clients like to come again, to have fun with us, several times, and we like that.


The natural Filipino warmless is really a “trump card” for the Tourism in this country.
My professional experience, just helped me to create and adjust some particular, well adapted products, for a kind of customers I know, because, they are still living my “past life” and its “stress”.

What to say about the sceneries, the climate, the richest of the under water life, and our 7,107 islands ?


Only this: MAGELLAN did a big mistake. This country should not be called “the Philippines”, but “ the Must”.

I hope you will enjoy by reading our website.

Any inquiry, criticism , suggestion, will be welcome, it is easy to find where to CLICK.