Map Of the Philippines
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7,107 islands, 1,000 inhabited, 97 ethnic, cultural and racial groups: 101 languages.
The contrast between huge and modern metropolis like Manila or Cebu, the primitive tribal territories, and the desert islands.


"Four hundred years in the convent" during the Spanish colonialism followed by "fifty years of Hollywood", after the U.S. bought the Philippines from Spain, for 20,000 dollars in 1896.

clearest sea water, coral, friendly people, & filipina

The clearest sea waters in the world.
The smoothest white coral sand.
The most friendly people you ever met.
"The most feminine women in all Asia." Magellan dixit... and he was right!



BeachCEBU Island: 300 kilometers North to South, and 40 kilometers from East to West. The first place selected by MAGELLAN in Asia where he decided to base the Spanish kingdom.

An international airport: CEBU Mactan Airport, with regular direct flights from HONG KONG, SINGAPORE, KOTA KINABALU, KUALA  LUMPUR, OSAKA,  TOKYO, MANILA...and soon from  EUROPE,  AUSTRALIA and the U.S.A.   

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CEBU is a place naturally protected from almost all of the typhoons which hit, sometimes, the Philippines. The sea water temperature is all along the year, between 27 and 31 degrees Celsius. More than 320 sunny days a year. And some 90 islands or islets to discover for one and an three hours by boat. All the nautical activities you are dreaming about. The diving paradise.

Two Hotels- Casino, if you are in mood to gamble. A town with the biggest Department Stores of Asia, where you can go shopping at "incredible cheap prices". Don't bring uncumbersome luggage's. Come with only your tooth brush... it's not a joke. Here you can buy a wonderful traveling bag and suit cases at more than fifty percent off of the prices abroad. Swimsuits, dresses, pants at your own measures will cost you one third of the prices you usually pay. You will have a lot of temptations here and for sure, you can not resist. So as not to threw away your old foreign clothes... Better, come without. The fashion here, is a year ahead abroad. The designers come to order, two years ahead of you.

Want to tell you more about CEBU ?

For those of you who do not know the Philippines, and CEBU yet.

Know these:

CEBU is booming, incredibly booming.

All is here, making it an "exceptional place"; one of the first tourism destination of the world.

Hotels are rising like mushrooms in Europe...(sic).

Sinulog Festival
The Sinulog Carnaval in Cebu

celebrated in honor of Sto. Niño, the patron saint of Cebu, every third Sunday of January
Here, you can find all what you are dreaming about productive seminars, annual meetings, conferences... and a lot more.
The attentive and friendly service of the Filipino people can not be found anywhere else. The nearby numerous islands also welcome you to relax a few hours.

Banaue Rice Terraces

From the rice field terraces of Baguio to the desert island of the Sulu sea.
Rice Terraces
Rice Terraces
Sulu sea
Sulu Sea
From the Palawan trips through underground river, to the Mindanao Province, passing by Mahal Volcano, Boracay Island or Camiguin Hot Springs. We will be your guide.
Boracay Island
Calangaman Island
Island of Palawan
Camiguin Falls
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Maybe , just a few words about the food...? Filipino delicacies, fishes and lobsters are exported everywhere. The prawns are as big as small lobsters. And you can find all kinds of food in Cebu. Chinese, Japanese, Italian and French cooks are strong rivals and they organized regular shows to demonstrate their respective talents.

Who are the winners ?... You, of course.